“Hikari, your father!!”

“Miss, oh no… Master… He…”

“Rei, I want you to… to life your live… as you wish…. Please, forgive this… father… of… yours…”
The worst thing in this this world is human’s heart…
I know it. Really, really know it.
So, don’t trust anybody. Don’t make any relationship with anybody. Just forget about it.
And there will be just me…

Knock, knock, knock…
There were slight knock on the door...
“Miss Rei, this is me, Aki. Can I come in?”
“Go ahead”, came a muffled reply.
The door knob was opened and revealed an old woman who still looks beautiful despite of her mid-50 age. Her waist length grayish hair was tied in a bun and she wore a light green kimono with white obi. Her light brown eyes reflected her awareness but with a touch of tenderness.
“Miss, you haven’t eaten anything since 3 days ago. It’s better to have some dinner now. I’ve prepared it for you,” Aki said while inspecting her miss, which seated in the darkness, behind the desk with her head down.
Forlornly but sure, the younger woman said, “I’m not in the mood for food. If I’m hungry, I’ll go downstairs and eat. But now, I just wanna be here.”
“Miss, you can’t be like this,” Aki replied quickly. “ In this past 3 days, you just keep sitting and sitting at this room. I doubt that you’ll make it through another day with this condition.”
The younger women lifted her head slowly, revealing a pair of unfriendly dark amber eyes that was covered with some of her auburn bangs. “I don’t need you to tell me what I’m supposed to do. This is my body, my life. Father said that I should live my life as my wish. And this is my wish,” she stopped her talking, then lowered her head again. “Now, would you please leave me alone?” she said with an icy tone.
“Miss...”, Aki said with a little whimper. Her heart was hurt to see her miss turned out like that. But, I can’t help it. This is her choice, she thought sadly. So, she decided to leave that room. Before closing the door, Aki made a little glimpse towards her miss, then she closed the door and went downstairs to keep the dinner in case her miss decided to eat.
The younger woman, known as Hikari Reiya, was just a normal 17 years-old high school student. With her attractive dark amber eyes, mid-back auburn hair that always tied in a high pony tail, her athletic body and intelligence, she was one of the best students from Tokyo Private High.
Until that faithful day, the day when her father died…
Father, why did you leave me all alone like this? After mother’s death, you’re barely at home, leaving me all alone. Now, you’ve left for eternity. What should I do? she thought bitterly.
“I…hate you…”, she whispered to the coldness of the night.


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