Finally, at the sixth night after her father’s death, Reiya went downstairs and ate, even though just a little. The day after, she went to her school in her chaufereed black Volvo.
Up until now, she still couldn’t believe that her father had died. Why’s that thing happened? Her father was not sick, she believed that he was in a perfect condition. She hadn’t found any drug or anything suspicious resembled that in his room or work chamber.
So why this is happening? she thought hardly, barely noticed that she arrived at her school gate.
“Miss Reiya, we have arrived”, said the chauffer.
The middle-aged man’s voice broke her thoughts. “Ah, oh, where are we?”
“The school, Miss”, he replied with some kind but sad looks in his eyes.
“Oh, right. School. Thank you, Shinichirou-san”, she said cooly. She opened the door and stepped out from the car. Then, she walked through the gate of the school.
Tokyo Private High School. For easy explanation, not an ordinary school. This school was full of high officer, well known businessman, and many other type of important peoples’s children. Fortunately, this school was not so into money. Talent and ability were much more appreciated than a stack of gold coins.
“Rei!! Rei!!” a voice rang in the air calling her name. She tried to ignore it as she walked a little faster than she should be, but the voice seemed to get closer each time she took a step.
“Hei, Rei! It’s good to see you again here! How long has it been? A week maybe?” said the cheerful voice beside her. Rei tilted her head to right a little, caught a glance of shoulder length brown haired girl, in a neat ponytail and grinning from ear to ear.
“Minami…” Rei said with a groan Her shoulders stiffed and she balled her left fist.
Minami, still with her grin, stared at Reiya with dark green eyes. She looked so happy to see her friend’s came back to school. “ Rei, how’s doing? It was so hard to see you. Ritsuko and I have came to your house five times or so, but we couldn’t meet you. You’re fine, right?” Minami asked enthusiastically. But, no reply came from Reiya.
“Rei, what’s wrong?” Minami asked again with a slight hint of worry in her voice.
“It’s me”, came a muflled reply from Reiya.
“Huh?” Minami looked at Reiya, befuddled.
“It’s me who forbade the maids to let you in”, Reiya replied coldly.
Minami rather taken aback with Reiya’s answer. “What do you mean, Rei?” Minami asked Reoya again, her voice went down a note.
“Don’t you get it?!” Reiya answered, expressionless. “Let me get it through you. I told the maids to not let you in even a step to my house!” she said it a little louder.
Shock was evident on Minami’s face. “But, but why? We are friends, aren’t we?” Minami tried to pry more answers from Reiya. Unkwon to Minami, Reiya’s grip on her left is tightened.
“Oh, please. How can I make you get it?! I DON’T LIKE BOTH OF YOU!” she emphasized each words with an unpleasant face towards Minami. This made Minami’s brow wrinkled even more. Reiya gave out an exasperated sigh. She halted, thus made Minami stopped just a step behind her. She tilted her head to her right, looked at Minami through her shoulder.
“Look, we’re different. You and Ritsuko just ordinary people, and I won’t hang out with ordinary people. My, what make you think that I would be friended with the likes of you?! That’s just plain ridiculous! Just, don’t come near me again!” Reiya finished her blow, then took a faster pace to her classroom, left Minami behind with more shocked look on her face than before.


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