Reiya was trying to ignore her guilt, even though she knew that her word had hurt Minami. But, this is what should I do. I don’t care why, I don’t care how, I just don’t want to lose again, she tried to deny her consciousness.
At the same time, elsewhere…
“This is because your stupidity! Why should I be your partner?!?!” said a young man passionately. And guess who was his partner? Yup, a blue dragon with shiny scale and a pair of wings attached to it’s back. But for a dragon, well, it was little compared to any other known dragon.
“Don’t you dare complain on me! My size makes my sensor not fully functioned! Kids like you can just whining to the elders!” said the dragon.
“Oh, please Souryuu! Think about it! We have traveled all around Japan for this! How many times I’ ve made reasons to my Dad about transferring?! And now, after spending almost half of my life cost, you said that that person is here?!?! In Tokyo?!?!” he said pretty angry.
“Oh come on Minoru. The point is we’ve made sure that the place is here. Just do your job, ok?! If not, the evil will get stronger before we met Shinsei na Hito! Grow up man!” the blue dragon named Souryuu said firmly while flapping it’s wings.
“Fine! We must hurry then. I’m getting tired with all of this Guardian thing. I’ll get my rest now cause tomorrow I’ll go to the new school”, Minoru said then turned to go to his room yawning all the way.
“Get all the rest you can get, Kiddo. Cause maybe you can’t make it again later”, mumbled Souryuu.
The next day, at Tokyo Private High, Reiya was walking to her classroom when she heard a girl’s voice calling, precisely shouting, her name.
“Reiya, Hikari Reiya!!”
Reiya stopped. She heard some footsteps behind her so she turned around. Then, in front of her, a brunette girl with short hair and dark brown eyes was staring her furiously. “Oh, it’s just you”, Reiya said with an uninterested look.
“What do you mean by it’s just you!! What is it on your mind when yesterday you talked to Minami?!” the girl spat right in front of Reiya’s face. Reiya stood still indifferent.
“Ritsuko, stop it!” suddenly Minami showed up beside the brunette girl. The commotion attracted few students that passed them.
“What are you talking about Minami?! After so long we don’t know her condition, now she shows up and said that she doesn’t want to see us again! Ordinary people?!?! Who is she to say things like that?!” rambled Ritsuko.
Reiya just closed her eyes and turned to walk again to her classroom.
“Hey, where are you going! I’m not finished with you!” shouted Ritsuko.
Reiya stopped. “Sorry, I don’t have time to talk to people like you”, said Reiya without even a glance then she walked again. A few students around them murmured something like ‘What is it? A quarrel?’ and ‘I don’t know that Hikari was that arrogant’.
“You!!!” Ritsuko was trying to chase after Reiya but she was stopped by Minami who clung to her arm tightly. “Just stop it Ritsuko! I know something was wrong with her but she’s still our friend! Give her sometime, ok?!” Minami said desperately. Ritsuko, even though still fuming, just held her breath until 8 count and released a big sigh. “Fine, let’s give her some time”, she said sadly. Then the two walked back to their class.


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